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The June 10th marches against Islamic religious law organized in various cities by the group ACT for America, reveal a fundamental lack of knowledge of both religion and law that the founders of American institutions possessed and demonstrated. The organization long since identified by the Southern Poverty Law Center as a hate group, considers Islamic canon law (i.e. Sharia, pronounced Shaa-ria) to be incompatible with Western democracy (a charge repeated by recent presidential candidate Ben Carson), and a covert tool being used by Muslims for a takeover of the country, resulting in the social, political, and religious subjugation of our fellow Americans. This is not only fear-mongering of the worst kind, but a betrayal of American religious tolerance that prefers sympathy and resilience over endurance, and rejects bigotry.
The fact of American life is that by design the U.S. Constitution serves as a barrier against any religious law subsuming not only other faiths, but also the civi…